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Brevet d'Etat d'educateur sportif

Deducateur dEtat sportif Brevet is the French government certificate for sport coaches. Only holders of this certificate may be paid for sporting activities in accordance with the law of 16 July 1984, and then that code, second volume, article L. 212-1). It requires the applicant to be an adult and a diploma prevention Floor Sekur civiques de level 1


Cross training is athletic training in sports other than the athletes normal activities. To improve the overall performance. It uses a special efficiency of one teaching method to negate the disadvantages of another.

Formative Assessment in Sports

Formative assessment checkpoint in the learning process. In contrast to the generalized assessments that check for understanding at the end to find out formative assessment during the training period. and formative assessment support learning in the learning process. They serve as practice for students, as a significant homework. They check for understanding and the decision of the Teachers manual about the future of education.” Formative assessment gives teachers the opportunity to break down complex ideas into small understandable pieces. This allows teachers correct" mistakes” and to hone the skills before the final assessment. I thought you said sports? While formative assessment was mainly talking in class, it can also be used in athletics. Think about the process of learning a new sport. We take the Whole sport and break it down into simple steps. Along the way we have the coaches give us specific feedback. We dont learn a new sport for the kids when they go out and play the game right now. If we did, our opinion after our summative evaluation, their performance is likely to be negative. Instead of splitting the path of sports training and game like situations. This allows coaches to give athletes feedback and make adjustments before the game. The process of destruction" chunking” sport can be broken down into three parts: drills, situations, and events. Each of them is a stepping stone to the next. Even during adjustment of the competitions and training can occur. Drill We take the sport and break it down into simple steps. As dribbling a basketball or shooting a shot. While we work on simple movements, the coaches are looking for specific things. Where the eyes of the athlete? Their feet move in the right direction? These things are our success criteria for each drill. Coaches use them to give feedback to athletes for their successful completion. Providing good feedback as" keep your eyes when dribbling”, or your left foot moves to the right,” the coaches are giving pointers to the student that they can work on a fix. "The principle of specificity in training States that the body will adapt to the specific imposed stimulus. Therefore, if an athlete wants to improve a specific skill, movement or exercise, he or she must complete this exercise in the workout with a few variations or tweaks to the drill. Because of the complexity of human structure and human movement, specificity is paramount in training to achieve the desired result. Another layer of this philosophy is that if the test Is an exercise, if the exercise is properly corrected for the difficult option, it will provide the best opportunity to achieve positive results." The only way to achieve the desired result is a drill and set, until we reach the desired result. Dismantling The Rig Situations Trainers of athletes in real situations all the time. Full court press, fumbles on the football field, Bunting with a man on bases just a few examples. These situations evaluation of response to the situation. The coach can say, if the team has specific areas they need to work on. Maybe the pitcher should cover first base, but didnt know until the situation. The clank game situations, coaches are able to simulate the game, while retaining the ability to give instructions and immediate feedback. "Training in the gym allows athletes to develop and improve the skills they need to maintain optimal focus and perform their best in competition. In the simulated competition, the athletes are aware that they will face real competition." Baseball practice - crime, rebellion and defense of the bunt- Competition Latest method coaches can use formative assessment in the course of the contest. Though some can consider it as a summative assessment, I believe that is happening in the team looks back at the season as a whole. During the competition coaches will be able to praise specific things the athlete is doing" good coverage on the receiver, turn hips with him right now.” Trainers can also give feedback during a break or at the end of the quarter." We give the QB open passing in the middle. Our Central midfield should be built five meters away from the ball, not three.” These formative assessments made in the course of progression of events. Greg Popovich

Rondo (game)

Rondo is a type of game similar to stay away that is used as training exercises in football. In a Rondo, one group of players tasked to keep the ball when completing a series of passes, while a smaller group of players trying to get in. Rondo to pass within easy reach, with having the band often circled around the opposite group. Unlike other games owned in the Rondo of the players is in advance certain places. Rondo, as they say, improve the decision of the player, coordination, teamwork, creativity, competitiveness, and physical hardening. Exercise is used at major football organizations, including Barcelona and Ajax, and was credited with remaking of the modern game. Dutch player and coach Johan Cruyff, who implemented Rondo in Barcelona, explained how this happens: "everything that happens in a match, except shooting, you can do in a Rondo. The competitive aspect of the struggle, to make space, what to do when in possession and what to do when you have no ball to play one-touch football, how to deal with a hard label to win the ball back." Barcelona played one of his best-known Rondo to the 2011 final of the UEFA Champions League, in which they unconditionally won "Manchester United".

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