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Star team is a group of people with a high level of performance in their field. What is happening in sports since he moved to the vernacular and been borrowed heavily by the entertainment industry.

Arteriovenous oxygen difference

Arterio-venous difference of oxygen, or in 2 comparison, the difference in the oxygen content of the blood between the arterial blood and venous blood. This is a measure of how much oxygen is removed from blood in the capillaries as the blood circulates in the body. A-vo 2 diff and cardiac output are the main factors that allow changes in total body oxygen consumption, and are important in the assessment in the 2nd. A-vo 2 diff is usually measured in milliliters of oxygen per 100 ml of blood.

Asian handicap

Asian handicap is a form of betting on football in which teams of persons with disabilities in their form, so a stronger team must score more goals for players to bet on their victory. This system originated in Indonesia and has gained popularity in the early 21st century. It is a form of the spread. Handicaps typically range from one quarter goal to several goals, in increments of half-or even quarter-goals. Most importantly, Asian handicap betting reduces the possible number of outcomes from three in traditional 1x2 wagering two by eliminating the draw outcome. This simplification delivers two versions of bets, which have about 50% chance of success. Asian handicaps both good and bad for bookmakers. On the one hand, they help bookmakers minimize risk by facilitating trading with parity or balancing the amount of wagering on each side match. This allows the bookies to take large positions on major games. On the other hand, Asian handicap markets are typically low margin offerings that do not contribute to the gross win as higher percentage of betting options like 1x2. The term "Asian handicap" was coined by journalist Joe Saumarez Smith in November 1998. He asked the Indonesian bookmaker Joe Phan, to provide a translation of the betting method that is called hang Cheng betting, bookmakers in Asia.

Athletics (physical culture)

Athletics is a term encompassing the human competitive sports and games requiring physical skill, and the systems of training that prepare athletes for competition performance. Sports competitions, or competitions which are primarily based on physical contest of man, demanding quality, endurance, Fitness, and skill. Athletic sports form the bulk of interesting sporting events, with other major forms including motorsports, precision sports, Extreme sports and animal sports. Sports, as one of the earliest types of sport, prehistoric and made up a significant part of the ancient Olympic games, along with equestrian events. The word "athlete" comes from the Greek: άθλος athlos meaning" contest". Athletic sports became organised in the late 19th century with the formation of such organizations as the Amateur athletic Union in the United States and the Union of French sports associations Athletiques de France. Intercollegiate athletic Association of the United States later the National collegiate athletic Association was created in 1906 for monitoring sports activities at the College level in the United States, known as the athletics of the College. Athletics is important in schools, talented athletes can enroll in institutions of higher education through athletic scholarships and represent their institution in sports conferences. Since the industrial revolution, people in the developed world has adopted an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. As a result, athletics and now plays an important role in ensuring regular exercise. Sports clubs around the world offer training in sports hall for many sports and games.


In some team sports, an attacker is a specific type of player, usually involved in aggressive games. Heavy attackers are usually placed in front: their goal is to score as many points for the team. In Association Football, attackers are also referred to as strikers.

Away colours

Of colors to choose the color of clothing used in team sports. They are required to carry one team during the game between the teams, which would otherwise wear the same colours as each other, or similar colours. This change prevents confusion for officials, players and spectators. In most sports, it is a calling or a road team that must change – second-choice kits are known as kits or sets to vary in British English, and road uniforms in American English. Some sports leagues mandate that away teams must always carry an alternative set, while others simply argue that the two team colors must be different. In some sports, traditionally a good home team changed its kit, such as Rugby and at the beginning of the football Association. In most cases, a team wears their kit only when its primary kit can clash with colors of home team. However, sometimes teams wear away colours to choose from, sometimes even in a home game. At some clubs, the set became more popular than the home edition. Replica home and away kits are usually available for fans to buy. Some teams also prepared third-choice sets, or even a throwback to outdated form. In North American sports, road teams tend to change shape regardless of the potential collision of colors. "Color and color" games, for example, blue jerseys and red jerseys are a rarity, was discouraged in the era of black-and-white television. Almost all road patrol white in gridiron football, including the Canadian football League, the National football League and NCAA football and National hockey League while in baseball, the visitors usually wear gray. In the National basketball Association and the National Association of student basketball home uniforms are white or yellow, and visiting teams wear darker colors.

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