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★ List of professional sports

This is a list of professional sports is the sports that support one or more professional athletes by profession. These sports also have an active community of players from which to grow better, to become professionals.


1. Association football. (Ассоциация футбола)

Rugby in Canada has its origins in the early 1860s, and over time, the unique code of football known as canadian football developed. As the CFL, Canadian football League, the sports top professional League, and football Canada, the governing body for Amateur play, with roots in 1882 and founder of the Canadian Rugby football Union later reorganized as the canadian Rugby Union. In 1909 the grey Cup was donated by the then Governor General of Canada albert grey, 4th Earl grey, to recognize the best Amateur teams in Rugby in Canada. From 1930 to 1950-ies, two senior leagues of the CRU, the Interprovincial Rugby Union and the Western interregional football Union has gradually evolved from Amateur to professional leagues, and found they had less and less in common with the Amateur leagues, and consequently in 1956 formed a new umbrella organization, the canadian football Council. In 1958, the CFC left the CRU altogether and was renamed the canadian Football League. By this time, the teams Amateur Ontario Rugby football Union stopped the fight for the grey Cup, and since then, has been exclusively awarded to CFL teams. Since 1965, University teams have competed for the Vanier Cup.


2. Australian rules football. (Австралийские правила футбола)

Unlike other sports, Australian rules football has not resisted the formation of professional sports.

Although the sport began as Amateur competition, the Australian football League is an elite professional League and almost 80 years since its initial formation as in the Victorian Football Association, and then Victorian football League in 1897. The League changed its name to the Australian football League AFL in 1990 against the background of increasing professionalism and national expansion.


3. Basketball. (Баскетбол)

The game was invented in the USA in the 1890-ies, in Springfield, Massachusetts. There was the first professional basketball League in the 1920-ies in the United States. Among them was the American basketball League, which was formed in 1925, and the National basketball League that was started in 1937 by the company General electric, Firestone and Goodyear as a way of raising their national profile. In 1946 the Basketball Association of America was founded by owners of major sports facilities, in particular, in Madison Square garden. The BAA later merged with the NBL in 1949 to become the National Basketball Association, leading League in the world with 29 teams in the United States and one in Canada. The American basketball Association founded in 1967, and subsequently joined the NBA in the 1976 ABA-NBA merger.

The second-oldest professional basketball League in the world, the Philippine basketball Association. The PBA has long been considered the best League in Asia, but the Chinese basketball Association has grown considerably in recent years. The League was born on 9 April 1975, in the Araneta Coliseum, Cubao, Quezon city, Philippines.

Outside of the NBA, the best professional leagues in the world are those of FIBA Europe. According to the official League rankings is the basketball Euroleague, the body conducting the Euroleague the continents top five leagues on the continent from 1 to 5 those of the Liga ACB of Spain, of the Russian professional basketball League, Greek basket League, the Lega basket Serie a of Italy, and in the Turkish basketball League.

European basketball, which is also notable for its long and well-developed transnational club competitions, especially in the Euroleague, which features top clubs from 18 different national Championships. Two other continental club competitions ULEB Eurocup and Eurochallenge, are also held annually. Europe also has transnational regional leagues, for example, Liga ABA Adriatic League, formerly the Yugoslav League and the Baltic basketball League initially limited to the Baltic States, now also including Kazakhstan.


4. Cricket. (Сверчок)

Cricket at the highest level turned into a fully professional international sport from which leading players can earn a large income. However, professionalism has a long history in English cricket. The first professionals appeared in the first half of the eighteenth century, when heavy gambling on the Game encouraged wealthy patrons to draft the best players in their teams. They often offer these players full-time employment as a gardener or gamekeepers on their estates. In the second half of the century, the famous hambledon club do not pay their players match fees.

In the mid-nineteenth century, William Clarks all England eleven was highly successful all-professional venture which did much to promote the game. The earliest overseas tours were also all-professional Affairs.

In the early cricket of the 21st century is as lucrative as some other sports, and domestic cricketers typically earn several times the average salary in their country. Regular members of the England cricket, earn a few hundred thousand pounds a year. However, the highest-paid cricket players in the world are members of star Australian cricket team or the Indian cricket team who make most of their revenue from lucrative contracts.


5. Ice hockey. (Хоккей на льду)

It is played with two teams, while 5 skaters and 1 goalie on the ice at the same time. In NHL rules, the periods of 20 minutes. There are three periods.

81 members of the governing body of International ice hockey Federation IIHF. Ice hockey played at the Winter Olympics since 1924, and was at the summer Olympics of 1920. North America the national Hockey League is the strongest professional ice hockey League, attracting the best players from around the world. The NHL rules are slightly different from those used in Olympic ice hockey.

Hockey sticks are long L-shaped sticks made of wood, graphite, or composites with a blade at the bottom of which may lie on the playing surface when the stick is upright and can curve had in any case to help left or right hand the player to gain an advantage.

The first statements and reports of hockey-type game played on ice in the Netherlands, and reports from Canada from the beginning of the nineteenth century, but the modern game initially organized students McGill University in Montreal in 1875 and, two years later codified first set ice Hockey rules organized first teams.


6. Lacrosse. (Лакросс)

Lacrosse is played mainly in North America, however, countries such as the UK and Australia have a small lacrosse League. It also spread to Europe and Asia, with the recent formation of the Asia Pacific lacrosse Union APLU in may 2012. The United States currently has three major professional lacrosse leagues in operation, of the major lacrosse League, the Premier League lacrosse and the national lacrosse League.


7. Rugby. (Рэгби)

Rugby came out for the very issue of professionalism. Rugby split into Union and League on the question of payment for the player. Rugby stands payments and, thus, has been a professional sport since its beginnings in 1895 when 22 clubs based in Northern England separated from the more Amateur-minded Rugby football Union. Amateur RFU officially informed of the charges of professionalism against some clubs for their use of "broken time" payments to compensate players for missing work because of games or injuries sustained during the game. 29 Aug 1895, in the conference room in the George hotel, Huddersfield, the clubs decided to break away and form the Northern Rugby Union, which later would become the Rugby football League. The rules of Rugby League have been gradually changed so that now it and Rugby are totally different games, but with professional Rugby as well. 17 Dec 1967, the first professional Sunday matches of Rugby played.


8. Rugby. (Рэгби)

Rugby Union continued with its Amateur ideals past the split between Union and League and throughout much of the 20th century. This situation changed in 1995. The threat of big payments from professional Rugby League in countries where Rugby was not significant becomes too large. In conclusion, the Committee decided that the only way to end this threat, the hypocrisy of Shamateurism and to keep control of Rugby Union to make the sport professional. On 26 August 1995 the international Rugby Board declared Rugby an "open" game and thus removed all restrictions on payments or benefits to those connected with the game.


9. Rodeo / Rodeo. (Родео / Родео)

PBR is different from the classic Rodeo as it consists of the bull. It was founded in 1992 because a group of bull riders decided that their sport should be separated from the classic Rodeo and could, as it was easily the most popular event. Riders and bulls are evaluated on a 50 point scale. Riders were only given a score if they remain on the mandatory 8 seconds while the bull, points are awarded no matter what the rider does.

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