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Sports venue

Sports facility is a building, structure, or place where sports competitions are held. Stadium plural: stadiums and stadiums-the place or a place in the main outdoor sports or other events and consists of a field or stage partly or completely surrounded by a layered structure, so that the audience could stand or sit and view the event.

Baseball park

Baseball Park, also known as the stadium or diamond, is a place where baseball is played. A baseball Park consists of the playing field and around the spectator seats. While diamond and region is denoted by white painted lines adhere to strict rules, guidelines for the rest of the field are flexible. The term "approximate" sometimes refers either to the whole structure, and sometimes the playing field. A home run where the player makes it around the bases and back to home plate, without the ball leaving the playing field is typically called "in the Park" home run. Sometimes a home run the ball goes over the outfield fence in contact with the dough, as they say, gets "out of the ballpark", but this phrase is increasingly turning to a home run ball that cleared the stands, landing outside the building. The playing field is often called the "ballfield", although this term is often used interchangeable with "about" in relation to a small local or League Cup.


Bleachers or stands are raised, tiered rows of benches found at sports fields and other circuses. A staircase provides access to the horizontal rows of seats, often with every step of getting access to a number of benches. Benches-from simple boards to complex, from the back. Many bleachers are open to the Ground below, so there are only the planks to sit and walk. Some of the seat vertical panels beneath the benches, partially or completely blocking the way to the Ground.

Field house

Field house or Fieldhouse is a common name for indoor sports arenas and stadiums, mostly used for basketball, volleyball or hockey. In addition, it is known as a support for various of the adjacent sports fields, ie, locker room, team room, coaches offices, etc. On the ground to spell "field House" that apply to a residence owned by someone named Field, see field house. This American English term dates back to the 1890-ies. Notable country houses include:


Grandstand is a large and normally permanent structure for Seating spectators, most often at the races. This includes both auto racing and horse racing. Grandstand is essentially like a single section of a stadium, but differs from a stadium in that it does not tolerate all or most of the way around. The rostrum may have a basic bench, but usually have individual chairs like in the stadium. Rostrum usually covered by a roof but open at the front. They are often tiered. Stands located in places like Epsom downs Racecourse and Speedway and Atlanta Motor Speedway. They can also be found in Fairgrounds, circuses, and outdoor facilities used for the Rodeo. In the United States, less is called the rostrum, and usually far more basic and typically single-tiered, hence the difference with the "tribune." At the beginning of the baseball game often staged at the Fairgrounds, and the term "tribune" appeared, when some baseball parks began to build. A covered bleacher may be called "the pavilion", and also to distinguish from the main "grandstand".


Groundshare is the principle of the separation of a stadium between two local sport teams. This is usually done with the aim of reducing construction costs or two separate facilities and related maintenance.

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