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Politics and sports or sports diplomacy describes the use of sport as a means to influence diplomatic, social and political relations. Sports diplomacy can bridge cultural differences and bring people together. The use of sports and politics has both positive and negative consequences throughout history. Sports competitions or activities the intention was to achieve changes in certain cases. Nationalist fervor is sometimes linked to victories or losses on sports on the sports courts. During the Olympics is often the biggest political example of using sports for diplomatic means, cricket and football and other sports on the world stage, has also been used in this regard. In the case of apartheid, sport was used to isolate South Africa and to achieve an overhaul of the countrys social structure. While ethnicity and race can cause division, sport can also help blend the differences. In addition, many athletes have sought political office, some of them unsuccessfully, at the national level or sub-national level.

1939 International University Games (Vienna)

International Universiade is an international multi-sport event held between August 20-27, 1939 in Vienna, German Reich, which was originally planned as the official 1939 the holding of international Summer Universiade presented at Vienna international Confederation of ten students in January 1938, the Austrian Nazi takeover in Germany in the Anschluss. National socialist German students League came from the ISS in may 1939, and ice in a short time brought him to the International University games in 1939 in Monte Carlo. The official opening was Bernhard rust Reich Minister of science, education and culture, on August 20 at the stadium "Prater", the main venue of the games. In NSDStB is offered by many Nations in Vienna of games, but most participants was the United Nations associated with the Axis powers. The following countries reportedly participated in the games: Kingdom Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, German Empire, Kingdom of Hungary, Kingdom of Italy, Japan, Peru, Slovakia, Spain, the Union of South Africa, Sweden and Yugoslavia. The international Institute of intellectual cooperation, stated in 1940, "the results of the Games Monaco were much higher than those of the Vienna game."

1968 Olympics Black Power salute

During the medal ceremony at the Olympic stadium in Mexico city, 16 Oct 1968, two African-American athletes Tommy Smith and John Carlos each raised a black gloved fist during the U.S. national anthem "the star-spangled banner." While on the podium, Smith and Carlos, who won gold and bronze medals in the 200-meter race at the summer Olympics 1968, respectively, turned towards the US flag, and then held their hands up while the national anthem is not over. In addition, Smith, Carlos and Australian silver medalist Peter Norman all wore badges of human rights on their jackets. In his autobiography, silent gesture, Smith said that the gesture was not a "Black Power" salute but a "human rights" salute. Demonstration is one of the most openly political statements in the history of the modern Olympic games.

1971 World Table Tennis Championships

In 1971 the world championship in table tennis was held in Nagoya from March 28 to April 7, 1971. Chinese players returned after a long absence.

1972 Olympics Black Power salute

At the Olympics in 1972 black power salute was a political protest two U.S. Olympic runners, Vincent Matthews and Wayne Collett during the summer Olympic games of 1972 in the Olympic stadium in Munich, Germany. This event is sometimes called "the forgotten protest." This event occurred four years after the 1968 Olympics black power salute.

1974 FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA–CONMEBOL play-off)

In 1973, the play-offs for a place in the 1974 world Cup in West Germany, between the Soviet Union and Chile, is famous for the political circumstances, which are marked in the second leg of the playoffs on November 21, 1973. It was scheduled at Estadio Nacional de Chile in Santiago, the Chilean capital. It was a coup detat in Chile two months ago, after which people are objectionable to the new regime of Augusto Pinochet were imprisoned and executed in the stadium. The Soviet Union asked FIFA to find another hotel in Chile, when agreement cannot be reached, the Soviet team to go on the field and was disqualified from the tournament, giving the Chilean team a victory technical defeat. However, the match was still organized FIFA as usual, but without any present to the team. Chile 1-0 scored into an empty net and then the referee blew the game. Chile advanced to the 1974 world Cup where they were eliminated in the first round.

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