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Ancient Greek Olympic festivals

In Greek antiquity, athletic festivals under the name of "Olympic games", named in imitation of the original Olympic games in Olympia were held in various places throughout the Greek world. Some of them only known to us by inscriptions and coins, but others, like the Olympic festival at Antioch, obtained great celebrity. After these Olympic festivals had been established in several places, the great Olympic festival was sometimes designated in inscriptions, except for Pisa. Tarsus in Cilicia. (Тарса в Киликии) Trally in Lydia. (Оно в Лидии) Athens. There were two festivals named Olympia was celebrated in Athens, one of which was available at the time of Pindar, who glorify the ancestors of the Athenian Timodemus as conquerors in it, and perhaps much earlier Schol. ad Thuc. I. 126. It was celebrated in honor of Zeus, the spring between the Great Dionysia and Bendidia to see Bendis. Other Olympic festival in Athens was established by Hadrian 131 ad, from which time the new Olympic era began. Antioch at Daphne, a small place, 40 studies from Antioch, where there was a large sacred grove watered by many fountains. The festival was originally called Daphnea, and was sacred to Apollo and Artemis, but was called Olympia, after the inhabitants of Antioch had purchased from lazy, in 44, in honor of the celebration of the Olympic games. It was not, however, regularly celebrated as an Olympic festival till the time of the Emperor Commodus. It started on the first day of the month Hyperberetaeus, in which the year of Antioch began. It was under the chairmanship of Alytarches. The celebration was canceled Justin I, 521 ad. Writing Libani and John Chrysostom, a Christian father, who lived many years at Antioch, gave various directions respecting this feast. Smyrna. Pausanias mentions the AGON of Smirnych, which Corsini Diss. AGON. I. 12. C. Involves 20 to the Olympic festival. In Marmor Oxoniense clearly mentioned Olympia in Smyrna, and they are also found in the inscriptions. Nicaea in Bithynia. (Никее в Вифинии) Thessalonica in Macedonia. (Солуни в Македонии) Tegea in Arcadia. (Тегею в Аркадии) Kisika in Mysia. (Kisika в мисии) Anazarbus in Cilicia. Recently introduced games. Thyatira in Lydia. (Фиатира в Лидии) Tyre in Phoenicia. (Тира в Финикии) Dion in Macedonia. These games were established by Archelaus I of Macedon, and lasted nine days, corresponding to the nine muses. Euripides wrote and presented the drama Archelaus bacchantes and there. They were celebrated with great splendour of Philip II and Alexander the great. Alexandria. In more recent times, the number of Alexandrian conquerors in the great Olympic games in Elis was greater than from any other state. Naples in Italy. (Неаполь в Италии) Eph. This festival will open the inscriptions in which it is sometimes called Hadrian Olympia private Epheso, to have been instituted adriana. Aegae in Macedonia. This celebration existed during the time of Alexander the great. Nicopolis in Epirus. Aug, after the conquest of Antony from Actium, founded Nicopolis and to install the games to be celebrated every five years in honor of the victory. These games are sometimes called Olympic, but more often the name of the action. They were sacred to Apollo, and was under the care of the Lacedemonians. Side in Pamphylia. (Стороны в Памфилии) Magnesia in Lydia. (Магнезия в Лидии) Within in Pamphylia. This festival is the only known coins. Pergamum in Mysia. (Пергама в мисии) Alice. In addition to the Olympic games, was smaller each year. On mount Olympus, between Thessaly and Macedonia. Cyrene in Libya. (Кирены в Ливии)

Bull wrestling

In Croatia, koridas traditionally organized in the heart of Dalmatia region.

Hot air balloon festival

Hot air balloon festivals are held annually in many places throughout the year, operators are balloons to collect, and also to the General public - to participate in various activities. They can include races, evening "night glows", in which the balls are released while remaining tied to the land, and rides.

Impossibility Challenger

Impossibility Challenger is an event where Amateurs and professionals meet, and to try to Excel with the records and world records set up. The event is held in different locations each year, mostly in Europe, and organized by the Sri Chinmoy centres.

Motorcycle rally

The motorcycle rally is a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts. Rallies can be large or small and one-time or recurring. Some rallies are ride-in events, whereas some like the iron butt rally involve days of riding and an actual gathering only at the end of the trip.

Pan American Sports Festival

The pan American sports festival is a multi-sport event organized by the pan American sports organization for athletes from America. The event is held in coordination with ACODEPA and pan-American elements of the Olympic movement. The main objective of the game is to serve the development and training activities to assist countries in preparing for major pan American games competition, which should be one year after the festival. The festivals aspect of development is also associated with subsequent summer Olympics, which takes place a year after the pan-American games. The first edition in 2014, includes 24 Olympic sports programme. For some sports, the event serves as the selection method for participation in the pan-American games. The idea of the holiday originated in Mario vázquez Raña, a Mexican sports administrator and President of the Paso. The event was approved in October 2013 by the General Assembly of Paso. In addition to the aspect of event development, Raña advocated its use as a method of support of subjects of Federation through the transfer of technical knowledge, as well as establishing closer ties between the countries of North and South America. Unlike traditional sporting events, the pan American sports festival is not limited to a specific city or area. The emphasis on training resources, the most appropriate existing services are used where possible, and alone the location is not the main factor when choosing a place. Training camps and workshops are the Central aspects of the events of the holidays. The cost of participation of athletes were met by the organisers to encourage participation.

Panathenaic festival

The Panathenaic games were held every four years in Ancient Greece in Athens from 566 BC to the 3rd century ad. These games included religious festival, ceremony, athletic competitions, and cultural events organized in the framework of the stadium.

World Festival of Youth and Students

World festival of youth and students is an international event organized by the world Federation of democratic youth and the International Union of students since 1947. Initially, a pluralist, the event has become an outlet for Soviet propaganda to foreign audiences during the Cold war.

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