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High dart average

Three dart average in Darts is the average score from the three Darts thrown. Average are the most quoted statistics in the matches because they give a rough estimate of how well a player played. The longer the game lasts, the harder it is to keep a high average at least scoring leg and missed Darts at the double to bring the average down. Though there is a match on average, more than 130 in the floor tournaments, a world record only lists TV games, which are easy to check. Michael van Gerwen-current holder of the world record for TV game on average 123.40 thrown into the Premier League in 2016 against Michael Smith. This record was beaten by Peter Wright in the players championship 29 In 2019, on average, 123.5 which is the highest ever live official average professional Darts Corporation, but not considered as average on television, as it was to listen online. Bobby George was the first player to get over 100 average on TV in 1979 news of the world final Darts against Alan Glaser.

Oldest football clubs

The oldest football club date back to the mid-19th century, a period when football evolved from free time to organized, the main sport. The identity of the oldest football clubs in the world, or even in one country or another, often disputed or claimed by several clubs across several codes of football. Later Rugby clubs also called themselves, or continue to treat yourself as just "football club" or "Rugby club". "Club" always refers to an independent entity during the historical period, very few schools or universities, the teams were independent from the relevant institution. Consequently school and University football team was simply called "clubs". It was always, for example, in American football, which has always been connected to College sports in General. However, on the other hand, the oldest still-existing "football club" with a well-documented, continuous history is Dublin University football club, Rugby club, founded in 1854 at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, although there are some records guys hospital football club, founded in 1843.

Oldest football competitions

This is the list of the oldest documented football competitions, played at school, club, national and international levels. The first list contains competitions that were played constantly. The second is the list of competitions that now exist.

Perfect season

The perfect season sports season including all the necessary parts of the playoffs where the team stays and ends up losing untied. The feat is extremely rare at the professional level of any team sport, and occurred more often in University and educational levels in the United States. Perfect regular season is a season excluding any playoffs, where a team remains undefeated and untied, it is less rare than a complete perfect season, but still beautiful. The perfect season may be part of a multi-season winning streak. Exhibition games usually are not counted in the standings, for or against. For example, in the 1972 dolphins Miami below, having lost three pre-season "exhibition" Game in the national NFL 1972, but is believed to have been a great season.

Personal record

"Personal record" redirects here. For the 1982 film, see a personal record. Personal best or personal record, often abbreviated to PR or PB is of the best performance in this sport discipline. This is most common in sports such as athletics, other running, swimming and weightlifting. The term "PR" comes from the world of running, citing individuals the best time in the race at a certain distance. So if someone runs their first 5K race in 28:45, thats their PR at a distance of 5 kilometers. If they run faster than 28:45 in a subsequent 5K race, then they have a new PR for that distance. Over time, "public relations" has come to mean any new record in sports that can be performed by one person. Weightlifting and powerlifting have popularized the term, since man PR used to measure the current level for this exercise.

World's biggest cricket bat

The worlds biggest cricket bat is a title that had been sought by the constructors of at least four bats. This gate was built in honor of the games of the cricket world Cup for the year they were built.

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