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2022 FIFA World Cup controversies

The awarding of world Cup 2022 in Qatar created a number of problems and contradictions as to the suitability of Qatars as the host country and the fairness of the football Federation of Associations of the tender. Criticism from a number of media, sports experts and human rights activists drew attention to problems such as Qatars society of history of football, the high expected cost the local climate and Qatars human rights. There have been numerous allegations of bribery between the Qatar bid Committee and the members and leaders of FIFA. A number of FIFA members that the decision on holding the tournament in Qatar was a "mistake", which includes Theo Zwanziger, former President, Sepp Blatter.

List of 2006 FIFA World Cup controversies

The 2006 FIFA world Cup generated various disputes, including onfield disputes, critiques of official decisions, and team salary issues. Most focused on specific refereeing decisions, which led many of the worlds media say that the refereeing is ruining the world Cup. Numerous world Cup records were also set controversial calls, including Graham polls three-card error, and Valentin Ivanov, a record number of cards in the same match. The agreement FIFAs "fair play" also came under scrutiny during the tournament, especially in the second round match between Portugal and Netherlands.

Criticism of NASCAR

The national Association of stock car racing is on for the monster series energy Cup NASCAR, Xfinity series and gander outdoor carts series. NASCAR also holds a number of regional racing series including the Whelen modified tour and Whelen all-American Series And International series in Canada, Mexico and Europe. Similar to other professional racing leagues and sanctioning bodies, NASCAR has been criticized on a number of issues. Some critics have noted significant differences between today NASCAR vehicles and true "stock cars". Another topic of discussion was NASCARs transition to larger markets in 1997, NASCAR added California and Texas Motor Speedway, located respectively in the regions of Los Angeles and Dallas. This caused NASCAR to move away from the traditional tracks such as Rockingham, which led to some fans feeling that NASCAR abandoned its core market. Others cite the dominance of the France family and Brian France in particular in NASCARs business structures, policies and decision-making. In recent times, the number of Cup drivers compete in the Xfinity series races were hotly debated. NASCAR has been declared on the types and frequency of caution flags, with some critics suggesting the outcome of races is being manipulated, and that the intention is not safety, as NASCAR claims, but closer racing. Since its peak in 2005, NASCAR has been gradually declining, from his TV audience to record low levels in 2018 and race day attendance is suffering to record lows as well. The reasons for its decline include the aforementioned track changes, the introduction of the car of tomorrow, which, as racers and fans criticism, the constant tinkering with the rules of the Championships and the race itself, changing its race day experience a noticeable decline in the quality of vehicles and the retirement of its last stars. Another common area of criticism, not only in NASCAR but other motorsports as well, includes questions about fuel consumption, emissions, engine noise and environmental pollution, and the use of lead additives in gasoline.


Footballism is an Iranian, Persian language, popular weekly television program aired on channel 3 in Iran. The leading program is amirali Nabavian. The main theme of the program is criticism of the socio-political aspects of football.

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