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Sports equipment

Sports equipment, also referred to as sports goods, has different forms depending on the sport, but it is very important to complete the sport. Range of equipment from balls, nets and protective gear like a helmet. Sports equipment can be used as a defense mechanism or a tool used to help athletes to play sports. Over time, the sports equipment has evolved, because the sport began to demand more protective gear to prevent injury. Sports equipment can be found in any Department store.

Equipment manager

In device Manager is the responsible person of equipment used the business or organization. Their responsibilities include purchase, maintenance, repair, inventory, transportation, storage, treatment and elimination. They are responsible for ensuring the proper equipment for the job, either on site or outside it. In sports, in device Manager is a person who is engaged in sports equipment teams. In professional and collegiate sports, its usually a full day and includes transportation, Laundry, repairs and regular maintenance.


In aerotrim is a 3-axis gimbal is large enough to hold a person is used for training the cardiovascular and learning senses of balance, plus pilots and astronauts. Aerotrims have been used in gyms during the 1980s years, but is currently out of production outside of professional applications. A handful of machines are still in use, mainly used for entertainment at fairs and events and as the science exhibits of science fiction in movies and on television. Several companies around the world picked up the idea and produced their own version with minor changes. One of the originals, made in Korea, can be found in Slovenia at Aerotrim Ekopool Celje.

Aquatic timing system

Aquatic timing system is designed to automate the process of timing, Judging and scoring in competitive swimming and other water sports, including diving, Water Polo and synchronized swimming. These systems are also used in the preparation of athletes, and many products have been developed to assist in the learning process.

Assistive technology in sport

Assistive technology in sport is an area of technology design that is growing. Assistive technology-these are new devices created to ensure that sports fans, who have a disability to play. Assistive technology can be used in disabled sports, where an existing sport is modified so that players with a disability to participate or assistive technology can be used to invent completely new sports with athletes with disabilities exclusively in mind. The increase in the number of disabled people participating in sport, leading to the development of new assistive technologies. Assistive devices can be simple, "low-tech", or they can use the most modern technology, with some even using computers. Assistive technology for sports may also be simple or advanced. Accordingly, assistive technology can be found in sports ranging from local community recreation to elite Paralympic games. More complex assistive technology devices have been developed over time, and as a result, sports for people with disabilities "have changed from being a clinical therapeutic tool all competition-oriented activity".

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