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Staten Island Sports Hall of Fame

Staten island Sports Hall of fame mission is to recognize those people who have made an invaluable contribution to the development of Staten island sports history, and on the basis of their accomplishments, service or force of character, have enriched that history for all time.” The first Staten island sports hall of Fame induction ceremony was held in the College theatre Staten Islands Williamson in 1995, when the 11 recipients were honoured in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

Alpine Club Museum

The Alpine club Museum in Innsbruck, Austria is a Museum dedicated to the history of mountaineering. Located in the Hofburg section of the Old town, the Museum is owned by the Austrian Alpine club. In 2009, the Museum was assessed as "excellent" for the Tyrolean and Austrian Museum prizes, and was nominated for the European Museum in 2010.

Bicycle Heaven

Bike Paradise is the largest transport Museum in the world dedicated to bicycles. The Museum was founded by Craig morrow and consists of his personal collection, collected over many decades. It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Museum is an active collection. In a 650m2 show room contains over 3.500 bikes with additional 27.000 in the vault. There are more than 100.000 pieces, to keep the collection in repair. Cycling Paradise supports free entrance serving Bicycle shop and business as Prop agents for film, television and theatrical productions. After filming the bikes return and become part of the permanent collection.

Museo de Charreria

Museo de Charreria or Museum located in the historic center of Mexico city on Izazaga street, in an old monastery, which was dedicated to the virgin of Montserrat. The monastery closed in 1821 and the building deteriorated significantly until it was decided to rehabilitate it as a tourist attraction. The purpose of the Museum is to preserve and promote the sport and tradition of charreada both the permanent exhibition of the Museum of arts and crafts, as well as outreach programs.

Estonian Sports Museum

Estonian sports and Olympic Museum, founded in 1963 and modernised in 2001, is the largest sports Museum in the Baltics. The Museum is located on the Ruutli street in Tartu, Estonia and the Museum has a small Outpost in otepää that is dedicated to winter sports. Until 2016, Estonian sports and Olympic Museum was named the Estonian sports Museum.

Fanattic Sports Museum

The Fanattic sports Museum is a sports Museum dedicated to the various sports and located in Ecospace Business Park in the area of the second New Town, Kolkata, India. Established in January 2017, FSM known as the first sports Museum in Kolkata and in West Bengal. It is an initiative of Professor Boria Majumdar, an eminent historian, writer, commentator and journalist jointly with Harshavardhan Neotia, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ambuja Neotia group and consists of sports artifacts from different famous sports personalities.

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